Content Marketing: Videos

Content Marketing: Videos
Content Marketing: Videos

Hi, I’m an experienced marketing practitioner and I support businesses with their marketing planning. I’m also author of Relax, It’s Only Social Media, A No-Nonsense Guide to Social Networking For You and Your Business. Since the birth of YouTube in 2005,video has changed the way people consume content online. If a picture is worth 1000 words,then a video is worth a million or more. YouTube has over a billion users. That’s over a third of all people on the internet.

Add to that number the increasing amount of video being posted to social media platformsand it’s big business, and it’s all thanks to faster internet connections, increased data, and WiFi availability. Marketing is no longer about selling, it’s about telling stories and what better way to do that than video? In this course, I’m going to talk about the benefits of using video for content marketing. We’re going to find out who watches video content, what makes a great video, and how to measure success.

I’m also going to share with you my top tips for great content marketing with video. It’s a big subject area, so let’s get started.

The benefits of video for marketing

Over one-third of all online activity is spent watching a video. And there are plenty of benefits for companies and individuals posting videos, as well as benefits for those watching. Video has the power to tell stories using sight and sound. In just a few seconds, we can portray and take in huge amounts if information. For business, video can give an organization personality and inspire confidence before doing business. Behind the scenes and meet the team videos can give customers an idea of who they might be working with.FAQs can be answered and customer testimonials can be used to offer reassurance.

Video content provides authenticity and builds trust. Video content is also entertaining,engaging and memorable. It connects our hearts, as well as our minds. Including video content in your marketing can increase clicks from e-mails and social media posts through to your website. Video can increase brand awareness and intent to purchase. A growing number of people go on to buy a product after watching video content. And video is great post-purchase. For example, how to videos are a great alternative to heavy instruction manuals.

How can you an your business benefit from video?

Content Marketing: Videos
Content Marketing: Videos

video marketing statistics

Who watches video content?

People around the world are now watching a billion hours of YouTube contentevery single day. YouTube says that if you were to sit and watch a billion hours of video, it would take you over 100,000 years. Kind of incredible since YouTube has only been aroundsince 2005. And why these numbers? Well it’s because of mobile. Video and mobile go hand-in-hand. YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. The desktop/mobile split is pretty much 70% mobile, 30% desktop. People like to watch videos on the go.

And that’s especially true for younger audiences. The core audience for video is 16-34 year olds. So if that’s the age of your target audience, video content is what you need. YouTube’s audience is also slightly more male than female. Videos are important for business, too. Many executives would rather watch video than read text. According to Forbes, 75% of executiveswatch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. YouTube may be the second most popular search engine in the world, but let’s not forget Vimeo as a video hosting platform.

It may be smaller than YouTube, but the Vimeo community is made up of a niche group of 50 million filmmakers and videographers, where content is tightly curated for its high production value. If that community’s your target audience, then Vimeo could be the best place for you to host your video content.


What makes a great video?


Social video

media users love video. They engage with it more than any other type of content and there’s more and more of it appearing in social feeds. You can of course use a link from YouTube or from Vimeo to post a video on your social media accounts. You can use a smart phone to record a video and share it straight to social media. Videos on social media need to be super short. On Instagram right now the maximum video length is 60 seconds. For Twitter it’s two minutes 20. And there’s a few different types of social media video formats.

Various platforms have the functionality to create short, fun, looping videos. Snapchat, Instagram, and now Facebook have options for creating video stories, that short videos that disappear after 24 hours. But the biggest trend right now is live video. For example, 20% of Facebook videos are live broadcasts. There’s just so many opportunities to incorporate videointo social media. Why not give it a go for your business?


How to measure success


All marketing activity benefits from continual improvement. If you want to be successful with using video, you need to look at some metrics. If you’ve posted your video on YouTube, you’ll be able to look at the number of views. This is a great metric but it’s only the first step. You also want to find out the number of people you have reached, this will be different to the number of views because some people will watch a video more than once.Both are good numbers to monitor, but make sure you report them separately. You will also want to check that you have the right people viewing your video.

By right people, I mean your target audience. Check within the data that you’re hitting the right age, gender, location, et cetera. After reach, it’s time to look at engagement. On YouTube, engagement is measured through likes, dislikes, comments, subscriptions, and sharing. YouTube analytics also has great watch time and engagement reports. When posting video on social media, the native analytics will give you some valuable insight.

Again, you’re looking for reach and engagement metrics and I talk about these in my social media marketing ROI course. Remember, measure what matters to your business, don’t get lost in data, measure against the objectives you’ve set for your video content, and manage those measurements in a way that you can improve and become a bigger hit with your audience, driving them to do business with you.


Top tips for great content marketing with video

Here’s my top tips for great content marketing video. First, know your goals.Understand how video is going to help you achieve your business and marketing objectives.Think about the key messages your business needs to share. Think about how video can be used to demonstrate your expertise. Second, as for all marketing activity, make sure you have your customers in mind as you produce your video. Create videos that they will want to watch and share with their friends or colleagues. Next tip, plan your video.

Storyboard it. If it helps, write a script and do a rehearsal. If it’s in the moment live video, think about how you’re going to start and take a deep breath before hitting record. You don’t want to get tongue-tied or waffle and lose your audience. My final tip is to make sure you know how you’re going to distribute your video. Creating a video doesn’t guarantee views. You have to plan how you’re going to get it in front of your audience, whether that’s by uploading to YouTube or sharing straight to social media. Think about distribution before you start recording.

Take time to set up your YouTube account properly, and make sure your target audience can find your content. Enjoy using content marketing with video. It is a serious marketing tactic,but it’s also about entertaining and engaging people.

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